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Hydrangea serrata

Hydrangea serrata are small deciduous shrubs similar to H.macrophylla and usually with lace cap flowers that are flat with small flowers without petals in the centre and showy flowers with petals on the outside. Native of the  mountains of Japan and part of South Korea were it grows in mountainous woodland. The Flower colour of Hydrangea serrata will vary with soil type and most Hydrangea serrata will form round bushes between 1m and 3m tall.

Flower colour of Hydrangea serrata varieties 

  • The flowers of the pink Hydrangea serrata varieties will usually go blue in acid soils, but stay pink in alkaline soils. Blue flowers will only remain blue if the soil is acid and there is sufficient Aluminium Sulphate in the compost or soil, if the soil is alkaline the flowers will be pink. White varieties do not change colour with the soil. 
  • If the variety has blue or pink in its name this does not mean that the flowers will come out that colour. 
  • The technical explanation - the blue colour of Hydrangea serrata flowers is determined by the presence of an Anthrocynin Delphinidin 3 - Monoglucoside. The blue colour  is caused by the binding of Aluminium Sulphate with the Anthrocynin. This happens under acid soil conditions. 

Pruning Hydrangea serrata varieties 

  • Remove dead heads in spring (late March/early April), and thin out weak and dead stems. You can thin the brown stems to get larger flowers.
  • Do not prune in the autumn as the old flowers give some frost protection to young shoots in early spring. The brown flower heads also look great in winter when covered in frost.
  • If you need to shorten the plant always cut above a bud. 

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Hydrangea serrata Avelroz DOLMYF

Beautiful purple-green foliage and superb autumn colour. Flat umbrella shaped groups of dark pink sterile flowers and a crown of fertile bright pink flowers (red in acid soil) with a bright white centre.

Hydrangea serrata Belladonna

Also known as Hydrangea serrata Maiko. Low growing with small rounded light pink flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Beni-gaku (L)

Lace-cap Hydrangea with green leaves turning red as they age and white flowers changing to red.

Hydrangea serrata Blue Billow (L)

Mountain Hydrangea with delicate light blue flowers turning to a deep crimson.

Hydrangea serrata Blueberry Cheesecake MAK20

Dark green foliage turning red in autumn with semi double blue lace cap flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Blue Bird (L) AGM

Dark green leaves and deep blue lace cap flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Blue Deckle

Lace-cap Hydrangea prolific flowering with bright blue flowers turning sea green with lilac undersides.

Hydrangea serrata Cap Sizun

A pale pink lace-cap Hydrangea blue on acid soils turning burgundy in autumn.

Hydrangea serrata Cotton Candy MAC20

Dark green foliage turning red in autumn and semi double pink lace cap flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Daredevil

Intense flat pink lace cap flowers in summer with dark almost black leaves turning fiery red in autumn. Good to use as dried flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Grayswood (L) AGM

Lace cap flowers are white punctuated with pink and red with blue in the centre.

Hydrangea serrata Koreana (L)

Mountain Hydrangea Koreana - with pink to blue lace cap flowers in summer.

Hydrangea serrata MAGIC SEDUCTION Annie's Blue

Large wide dark blue lace cap flowers during summer with light green leaves.

Hydrangea serrata Miranda

Lace cap shell pink or pale blue flowers according to soil type.

Hydrangea serrata Omacha

Lace-cap flowers usually pink.

Hydrangea serrata Preziosa AGM

Also called Hydrangea Preziosa. Bright pink mop head flowers in summer turning red shades in autumn with colourful leaves through the season. 

Hydrangea serrata Santiago (PBR) (L)

Lace cap semi double pink flowers turn red with age.

Hydrangea serrata Santiago (PBR) (L) Large Specimen Plant

Lace cap semi double pink flowers turn red with age.

Hydrangea serrata Tiara AGM

Light green leaves turning red in sun with pink lace-cap flowers.

Hydrangea serrata Veerle

Blue violet lace cap flowers with green leaves turning red and orange in autumn.

Hydrangea serrata Warabe

Compact round bush with small white flowers in a ball.

Hydrangea serrata White on White 'HSOPR014'

A very small growing compact variety with rounded flat clusters of pure white double flowers with yellowish centres in summer. 

Hydrangea serrata subs. yezoensis

Pale pink or blue lace-cap flowers according to soil.