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Hydrangea aspera

Hydrangea aspera
are deciduous shrubs stems of which are quite hairy usually with lace-cap flowers will thrive on chalky soils. Native of China and Formosa.

Pruning Hydrangea aspera varieties

Hydrangea aspera 
only need minimal pruning in spring to remove dead heads and to reshape the bush. 

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Hydrangea aspera Anthony Bullivant AGM
Mauve pink Lace cap flowers in summer with large hairy foliage.
From: £16.00
Hydrangea aspera HOT CHOCOLATE 'Hpopr012'
Large lace cap flower heads that have violet blue buds with soft pink outer blooms and chocolate brown foliage.
Hydrangea aspera Macrophylla
Large dark green leaves with blue-mauve flat flower heads surround by white florets in late summer. **NEW VARIETY FOR 2021**
Hydrangea aspera Rocklon
Lace cap pale pink to purple fertile florets from July to frosts.
Hydrangea aspera subsp. sargentiana
Dark green leaves and blue-purple flowers surrounded by white in summer.
Hydrangea aspera subsp. villosa Highdown
Large softly hairy foliage with lilac blue lace cap flowers in summer.
From: £16.00
Hydrangea aspera Taiwans Pink
A late flowering Hydrangea with attractive pink Lace cap flowers.
Hydrangea aspera Villosa Group
Dark green leaves and blue-purple flowers in late summer. **PRE ORDER OUR NEW SEASONS CROP NOW FOR DELVERY FROM SEPTEMBER 2021 ONWARDS **
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